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Francesca Maldonado (Frenchi) is a filmmaker whose work has screened at festivals like FANTASTIC FEST and FRIGHTFEST GLASGOW. 

She has created horror in the DIGITAL SPACE for nearly four years before Maldonado co-founded an all-female horror collective, FATALE COLLECTIVE.


FATALE COLLECTIVE's  anthology short Bleed which details the horror of being a modern woman, screened at quite a few of the major genre festivals in 2019 and 2020, including Fantastic Fest, Frightfest Glasgow, BROOKLYN  HORROR FILM FESTIVAL, and more. Maldonado wrote and directed the segment Buffalo Bill in that film for which she won the DIRECTOR'S PRIZE FOR OVERALL CINEMATIC ACHIEVEMENT in a short film and at Filmquest. You can read more about Fatale Collective in FANGORIA and DREAD CENTRAL.

Frenchi is inspired by the universal experience of finding autonomy in a digital world; where humans, already struggling to fit in, now must attain a perfectly curated lifestyle despite the horror of getting there.

Tel: 18183811529

West Hollywood, CA 90046